Bake from Scratch: Volume Two

This collection of more than 600 recipes from Bake from Scratch magazine features endless inspiration and instruction for artisan baking from the comfort of your kitchen. From simple one-layer crumb cakes to decadent tarts and vibrant holiday wreath breads, find flavorful, stunning baked goods for every season and occasion. No matter your skill level, master a variety of baking techniques with dependable, easy-to-follow recipes. This cookbook is the go-to resource for home bakers.

Ultimate Pound Cakes

Pound cake is proof that something old can be new again. From heirloom recipes to current variations, the Ultimate Pound Cakes classic recipe collection of over 85 recipes will give you a treasure trove to choose from for years to come. Holidays, special occasions, or weeknight suppers, these test-kitchen approved, home-baked cakes are always a welcome surprise for family and friends. They also make fabulous gifts.

Cast-Iron Baking

With dozens of skillet recipes featuring ripe spring berries, summer’s best vegetables, fall’s jewel-toned market treasures, and winter’s warmest spices, Cast-Iron Baking is the ultimate guide to baking through the bounty of each season. Sweet rolls, quick breads, skillet cakes, and fruit-filled pies are baked to perfection in cast-iron skillets. These are recipes that can be passed down through generations, just like the heirlooms they’re baked in.

Southern Biscuits & Quick Breads

Southern Biscuits & Quick Breads

Southern Biscuits & Quickreads celebrates the humble and sacred art of home baking with more than 75 easy-to-follow, gorgeously photographed recipes that you can trust to yield delicious results every time. Whether you’re craving a classic biscuit for breakfast, a savory biscuit-topped chicken pot pie for supper, or a glorious blackberry cobbler for dessert, this biscuit bible has the perfect recipe for you.

Bake from Scratch Cookbook

Bake from Scratch

This collection of recipes from the first year of Bake from Scratch magazine (2015-2016) features endless inspiration for home bakers. From the essential brioche and rye bread to a classic 1-2-3-4 cake with seasonal flavor variations.

Southern Barbecue & Grilling

Southern Barbecue & Grilling

Barbecue may not have been invented in the American South, but Southerners have worked hard to perfect it. In a relentless pursuit of tender meats, generations of hardworking Southerners have achieved the perfect state.